Think with Google with a pinch of salt

The UX engineers at Google are probably under a lot of pressure to bring out new products under the new “think with Google” branding. The jazzy interface and CSS animations are too cool, as you would believe, coming fresh out of the #1 company’s ovens.


We tested one of the sites, because our clients do too – And as expected, we have a result that you can’t write home about!


Too bad – it takes 12s and 31% of the folks are going to turn their face away and show their what? And, we’re not done yet!


You’ve always been poor but what’s the surprise? Now for which you’ll need to yield your gmail so it gets it for you. As with anything, you’re looking for the top fixes to be carried out –


Read this a few times, there’s nothing that needs to be done at all. Have they kept the placeholder texts in the various places or have forgotten something. Because, the other report from Page Insights generated this. 100 out of 100 on both mobile and desktop. Didn’t they just add the new skin on top of this engine?


So, Google, think twice before you publish something!

Did you experience the same? Let us know!



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