Think with Google with a pinch of salt

The UX engineers at Google are probably under a lot of pressure to bring out new products under the new “think with Google” branding. The jazzy interface and CSS animations are too cool, as you would believe, coming fresh out of the #1 company’s ovens.


We tested one of the sites, because our clients do too – And as expected, we have a result that you can’t write home about!


Too bad – it takes 12s and 31% of the folks are going to turn their face away and show their what? And, we’re not done yet!


You’ve always been poor but what’s the surprise? Now for which you’ll need to yield your gmail so it gets it for you. As with anything, you’re looking for the top fixes to be carried out –


Read this a few times, there’s nothing that needs to be done at all. Have they kept the placeholder texts in the various places or have forgotten something. Because, the other report from Page Insights generated this. 100 out of 100 on both mobile and desktop. Didn’t they just add the new skin on top of this engine?


So, Google, think twice before you publish something!

Did you experience the same? Let us know!



And the Tears of Happiness Rolled Down Our Cheeks! Celebrating 20th Foundation Day

arroWebs celebrated its 20th Foundation Day with loads of fun and enthusiasm

We celebrated the 20th Foundation Day of arroWebs on September 24, 2016. The day marked a significant milestone in the journey of our company, as these 20 golden years have been a testimony to the company moving from taking baby steps to giant leaps in creating a reputation for itself among the client organisations.

It was in the year 1995 when arroWebs was founded with a vision to be among the most trusted IT Solution providers. Ever since then, with the central idea of providing quality technology solutions to clients, arroWebs has slowly but surely made its own space in global markets.

With a sharp focus on clients’ needs and success, and with the due technological advancements, the company has made its mark in both national and international markets. Keeping pace with the needs of the market over the years, arroWebs has excelled in all areas of web technology, be it Web application development, Mobile apps, Portals, Strategy Consulting, SEO, Design Solutions and much more.

Recapping the journey of 20 years brought out a unique feeling in all of us, one that is a mix of pride and humility. The company, which started off from a small town, lesser known as a technology centre, today has earned a reputation among its clients in various parts of the world. And that is such a unique chapter in our story!

The moment was ripe for the entire arroWebs family to come together and celebrate the completion of 20 years and beginning of the 21st year; and we all did it in style. It began with the leadership team sharing their experiences from the early years to the current phases of the company. Company’s performance for the last few years was shared with the team, along with the future plans.

It could have never happened without a strong team. arroWebs has grown from a single member company to a strong team with members from diverse backgrounds. One of the key aspects of the celebration was honouring and awarding employees for the relentless effort and contribution in company’s progress. It was a very emotional moment for the team members as they saw all their hard work and commitment being recognised on this day. Happiness manifested in both – smiles and tears, as our team members came to the podium to receive their trophies.

It was also a moment of elation for Phil Lewis, CEO of arroWebs Inc., who joined the team in this special celebration. Phil was thrilled to be a part of all the team activities, He congratulated the team saying, “ It is a moment of great pride and happiness as arroWebs is entering into its 21st year and recording growth year on year. These 20 years have provided great learning and added on to our experience in dealing with varied business situations. Last year has been a great year for the company as the team successfully procured many of the big IT projects.”

On the occasion of the 20th Foundation Day, a new corporate identity was launched for the company. The new identity highlights the forward looking client centric approach, strong commitment towards partnering with clients, and versatility of its service offerings.

While cutting a cake to celebrate a special day is no unique thing, this time it was really a big thing for all of us.

An evening to remember: The multi-talented arroWebs team took the centre stage as the cultural programmes began. The atmosphere turned electric with the array of performances that the team members put together. It was another great moment for all of us to come together as a team, and this time for reasons beyond work. The Rajasthani folk enthralled all of us with their dazzling singing and dancing shows.

As the curtains were drawn on the Foundation Day celebrations, the sense of achievement, teamwork and commitment went up several notches up in all our hearts. We as a company and the members of the arroWebs team vow to keep raising the bar, and scaling new heights for ourselves. As one of our event merchandises read, “20 is just the beginning, last 19 were merely a practice”.


What 1.6 Million Articles Can Teach You about the Perfect “How To” Post

True or false?
It’s harder than ever before to get your content noticed.

The competition is stiff. Over 2 million blog posts are published every day on the Internet. And, according to one study by Content Marketing Institute, over 70% of businesses had created more content in 2015 compared to 2014.

So, how can you stand above the noise?
The folks at BuzzSumo analyzed over 50 million posts last year and found that the best performing ones are “how to” articles. Why do they work? And how do they work?
Here’s what 1.6m “how to” posts can teach about writing the perfect one.

Tips to create an effective “How to” post for increasing traffic

Why People Love “How To” Posts?

You can’t write a bad headline if you start with the words “how to.” These two magic words appeal to the need most people have to improve themselves, to get smarter, richer or to live their lives in a different way.

But, you need to be careful. According to BuzzSumo, the best “how to” articles address the questions the readers are asking and provide value by helping them fulfill a specific need.

Look at this example:
How to Quit Smoking in One Month…or Money Back Guarantee

Suppose instead it said, “How to Follow a Series of Rules That May Eventually Help You Quit Smoking.” It doesn’t have the same effect. And it sounds like a lot of work. It says nothing about the real benefit, and it doesn’t seem to provide the best answer to the audience’s problem. Continue reading

4 Tips to Unleash the Conversion Building Powers of Exit-Intent Popups

4 Essentials for a powerful exit-intent popups or popovers

Look, getting traffic is not that hard. If you have a marketing budget, you can invest in ads and attract as many people as you want.

But, do you know what’s incredibly difficult? Making your traffic stick. If your visitors leave your website without taking action, than all your efforts are in vain.

So, what can you do?
Exit-intent popups are a powerful tool that can persuade users to give a website, another chance.

Think about it this way: you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your visitors are already on their way out so displaying one popup and trying to convince them to stay can’t hurt you.

But, here’s the trick – you need to optimize them to get the best results.

1. Target Different Visitors with Different Messages

Smart marketers group the people who visit their website into different segments. That way, they can tailor their messages to the specific needs of each audience group. Surely, you won’t be able to send a customized message to all your customers, but you can make them feel appreciated by providing offers tailored to their needs.

Here’s an example: If a visitor leaves your online shop, you can use exit-intent popups to offer them a discount in return for their email. On the other hand, if they are about to exit your blog, you can display an overlay popup that is relevant to what they are currently reading.

Continue reading

5 Psychological Tricks to Supercharge Your PPC Ad Copy

Writing copy for your PPC ads is not an easy task. You have to deal with limited word count and restricted ad space. Not to mention all the work you have to put in to differentiate yourself from ten other advertisers you’re sharing ad space with.

Talk about pressure, right?

So, how do you do it?

5 Psychological tricks to jazz up your PPC ad copy

One key point of creating compelling copy is understanding why consumers think and act the way they do. When you understand the psychology behind the way your prospects think, you can help them pick even better.

To help you get started, here are five psychological tricks to jazz up your PPC ad copy.

1. Use Emotions to Trigger Response

Most people believe that the decisions they take are the result of careful, rational analysis. In reality, however, people’s decisions are largely driven by emotions. They decide first based on what they feel, and justify their decision later through logic and reasoning.

To get prospects to click on your PPC ads, you need to establish an emotional connection with them. Identify your customers’ desires, passions, interests, friends and enemies. Then take your brand and look for ways it is related to your customers’ profile.

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Freshers – Getting to your first job interview!

India is at a cusp of a unique phenomenon. On the one hand the number of students graduating from the mushrooming Technology & Engineering colleges is growing exponentially. On the other hand the quality of these budding ‘engineers’ is getting questioned all around. The vision of why one wants to take up an engineering course does not even go beyond getting entry into an engineering college.

Freshers – Getting to your first job interview

At one extreme we have the biggies from India (and VC funded start-ups), the likes of Infosys, Wipro, TCS, picking up their choice of engineering graduates at never-before-heard-salaries, at the other end of the spectrum we have qualified engineers who end up taking up roles of data entry operators (if not embellishing the so-called “Bench” of an IT company).

Misaligned curricula design, course content biased towards theory (than live projects), short sighted priorities of students, and lack of basic etiquette towards approaching the potential employers completely mar the opportunities of even bright minds to make it big in the world of information technology.

That brings us to the most important thing that’s ignored – Language and its power! In today’s day and age, English remains an important tool in cracking any problems in the technology world. The problems come to you in English, the solutions come to you in English, and you will be solving them in English.

Bleeding edge technologies, programming languages, scripts are being developed and refined every day to be closer to English. No matter how bright you are, use of inappropriate language and lack of some basic etiquette can snatch the opportunities right from your hands. As they say, “Resumes make or break your careers”. In most cases, first impressions about candidates are made just by the Resumes – how they were sent, the kind language used, and how people choose to present themselves.

It was just today when we got a mail with an attachment but no message or any signature that could address the sender. Now why would someone open this mail? (Employers don’t really fancy playing a “Boojho to Jaane” or “Hide-n-Seek” game)

Every employer seeks the answer to this ‘why’ – why should I look at this mail? Did you, as an applicant, provide answer to such questions in the message body of your mail, something that could have left us curious to open the CV attached with the mail? Never forget that this first email can be your greatest opportunity to make the difference. With thousands of emails that companies go through every month, maintaining the basic etiquette is the simple solution to get heard.

Some common mistakes that drive applicants’ resume to the Trash

Carpet Bombing! Sending an email with a huge list of email addresses in cc shows the lack of your interest in being a part of any of the organizations in your cc list. Needless to say, the companies classify these candidatures as “not-interested” or “applied through hit-&trial”.

Just One Attachment! As mentioned earlier, sometimes we get messages with just one file attached with it. What is an employer likely to think of it – A mail from a bright prospect for the organisation, or someone trying to span his/her mailbox? It is just like you are walking on the road and a stranger comes, hands you over a bag and leaves.

I Work 24 hours! How would you like if someone rings your doorbell at 3 am for a cup of sugar (matter of life and death cases notwithstanding). Similarly, your email in the middle of the night or at 4 o’clock in the morning is very unlikely to ring the bell (pun unintended) in the right way.

So how should you go about this business?

Build good knowledge about your future employer and the role Developing at least a basic knowledge about the organisation where you are applying to, nature of its business, the role that you are considering yourself for and how you see your future in that organisation is the quintessential Step1.

A proper email is no less important than a well crafted Resume Your email should clearly show your interest in the job and organization, and the reasons thereof. Your key message should represent your sincerity, interest, and etiquette by letting the receiver know that how much you know them. And, after knowing everything about the company and its work how much you are interested in working with them.

What do you bring to the table – The Resume The most essential thing the employers come across is, your Resume. Your Resume is the image that you want to create in front of any employer. And yes, the details that the Resume should avoid carrying are as important as the ones that it should definitely carry.

So how should you build your Resume/profile

Before we start talking about how your resume should be, let’s have a look to this list of funny errors employers shared from some of the resume they receive. There are a lot more examples of resume disasters. But instead, let’s talk about how to turn your resume into your best impression. And, trust me nobody is looking for a hard-core “Resume of the year”. The employers look for the Resumes which are simple, to the point, and do not contain the bulk of unwarranted details about your fishing skills!

The recipe to create an impressive resume is very simple – you just need to be yourself on your Resume.

Simple is Powerful. No one bothers to read your life story, until and unless it is about how you were a superhero or how you survive ‘the journey to the mysterious island’. In general cases, employers would be pleased to know the things about you that-

– Match the profile they are hiring for

– Are the most impressive things that others should know

Customize. Never send one copy of your resume to a bunch of companies without making changes according to their requirements. Remember that each organization is unique with its unique work and working styles (even if they are all working in the same stream). Your study of organisation and the role would be of key significance here. Don’t forget to mention your interests that match well with the profile’s requirements.

Value your LinkedIn profile. Today organisations explore every piece about you from social networks even before you are invited for a job interview. Your blogs, LinkedIn profile or any other social media network profile give them enough cues about you. So make sure you have a properly created profile, and you do not have any kind of unprofessional / controversial content there, before giving the links.

Utilize tools for creating an impressive resume. Experimentation may not be the best friend here. If you are having a tough time creating a suitable format for a Resume, simply use the websites that offer the tools to create resumes online. These tools have formats of the resumes that are preferred by most of the employers.

Seek Friends’ Help Always run your Resume past a few close friends/associates/seniors. See if you had a few blind spots, factual or ‘typo’ errors that you missed out on correcting. Hope the information here would help you stand out of the crowd and bring you closer to ace the interview. Click here if you’re looking to apply for a job at arroWebs. If you have any query or suggestion regarding this post please feel free to comment below and let us assist you further.